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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life With Kids

The excitement is building as we get closer to our on-air debut. Once on the air, we know that there will be numerous times we talk about our kids. We may even dedicate a whole show about "Life With Kids." So why not just take this opportunity to give you a preview.

Life With Kids is awesome...............and hectic. We're not complaining but sometimes we could just use a short break(O.K. maybe a three month cruise in the middle of nowhere). Just kidding. We do have a few questions that maybe you can answer though.........

Do you have this problem, when you pick up the phone to talk to someone, does a neon light that says "Run and SCREAM through the House" come on? Then, It appears that the sign goes out when the phone is put back in the charger?

When your at a child's activity(soccer, softball etc....)Does the concession stand have a gravitational force that pulls your kids and your money towards it?

Does the night you and spouse set aside for some "alone" time always coincide with the same night the boogie monster decided to visit and herd your kids into your bedroom?

Any answers to the above questions would be greatly appreciated. We have found that no matter what questions we do have, we would go and fight that boogie monster anytime.

We'll keep you posted when our first show will go on the air and what we will be talking about. Feel free to leave a comment or send us an email.

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