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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Upcoming Shows

Thanks for checking us out. We're excited to get started so we can start to break out of that "rookie" mode. Here is a short list of topics we will talk about in the coming weeks:

1. Football: We can't ignore the NFL draft. We won't dominate all of our shows with football but we are HUGE fans and welcome any question or comment. As the season gets closer we will have a Fantasy Football segment with a special guest, a guru if you will, for all your starting line up questions.

2. Beer Tasting: Just like football, we are huge fans We're not alcoholics but we enjoy a nice cold beer after a stressful day on the job. Our plan is to taste test some microbrews on the air and give our opinions. Any homebrewers out there are welcome to email us if you are interested in an on air taste test. I'm sure the last half of the show will be interesting.

3. Fitness: Our goal for this show is to offer up some practical fitness tips to try and stay in shape. If your like us and have a family and work full time, squeezing in some exercise is hard(especially if your watching football and drinking beer). We hope to have a certified personal trainer on the air to offer up some good workout and nutrition advice.

4. Current Events: We will try to dedicate part of every show to current events. We'll give a quick humorous spin on what's going on in the world. Time permitting we'll take a few calls too.

5. The Wii: Anyone who has a Wii at home knows how fun it is. During this show we will hope to get some good tips from callers who have proclaimed themselves as Wii experts, no matter what game they play. Josh is sittin' pretty at a pro level in Tennis by the way. By the end of this show, if you don't have one, you'll be buying one.

6. Local Topics: We will also be talking about some of the news and events going on in our area which is Grove City, PA. Even if you don't live here you'll be entertained by our lively discussions. If you get a chance look up Grove City on the internet. We're about 1 hour north of Pittsburgh.

We will also take any suggestions from our listeners. Just remember, no matter what the topic, we plan to have fun and laugh...a lot. So if the topic sounds bland, don't worry because the spin we put on it will be worth listening to.

Check back soon as we will have exact show dates and times.

We are currently involved in a major basement renovation at Shane's house. As soon as we button that up we will be going on air. We are about 70% complete and the basement is really taking shape. Maybe we'll do a show just about his basement renovation......Some things we have learned from this project: 1. Carrying two sheets of drywall down a flight of stairs is a project in it of itself. 2. You can staple your finger to insulation. 3. Once you touch drywall glue, it gets EVERYWHERE.

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