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Thursday, August 7, 2008

NFL News - All American Radio Therapy Sessions

Our next show will be on Wednesday, August 13 at 8PM Eastern.
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We have lots to cover so we felt a 90 minute show would be in order. We'll keep you up to date on the latest NFL News as well as finish up on the AFC West and NFC South divisional rundowns.
Will Darren McFadden have an immediate impact? Who is the team to beat in the NFC South?

Last week we had a lot more interaction with our listeners which we thought was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! Keep the calls coming and the chat room interesting!!

We also ran out of time last week so we will be on a half hour longer this week. We'll finish up the AFC East and NFC West. We want to know your thoughts on Favre going to the Jets. Who ended up with the better end of the trade, The Packers or Jets? What is up with the spelling Brett Favre's last name? Does it make sense to you?

We'll also start our first of many "All American Radio Therapy Sessions"(Open Mic if you will) for all of our listeners who feel the need to vent. We want to know what's on YOUR mind!! We are here for you!! As always we're gonna keep things light and off the cuff. Bring your sense of humor and lets laugh for 90 minutes!!

Your feedback and suggestions are important to us so feel free to leave us a comment on our blog or send us an email at

Hope to hear from you next week and don't forget to spread the word.

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